High Technology Marketing is Different

Compared to traditional consumer and B2B marketing, high technology marketing is very different, but is often not treated that way. Coursework, even at the graduate-level, can be flawed if it tends to only focus on FMCG (fast-movng consumer goods) and covers what is ideal with adequate funding and time  … not what can be done, given the scarce resources of most high-tech companies with little time. Marketing, like music and medicine is a combination of both art and science.

The best practices have a high level of art that enhance the science. For medicine the science is biology and chemistry, for music it is math and for marketing it is primary research about the psychology and sociology of human and corporate behavior.  The “art”  is an intangible component that takes many forms … Spotting a missing piece in a marketing puzzle … A knack for understanding what consumers or businesses need before they do … or the ability to synthesize disparate information without “boiling the ocean”.


Every company is different. Different market … Different products … Different resources … Different people … Different market position … Different budget. You could spend money “teaching” a consulting firm about your business, but why waste scarce resources and dollars?  Use someone who KNOWS high technology markets and practical marketing techniques and has “been there” themselves.  From semiconductors to IoT and brand strategy to creation of data sheets, you can achieve your goals better because you are working with someone who has been a marketing executive and knows how the “real world” works.







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The Upside Down Triangle … And why it is so important in High Technology Marketing

You know what one looks like, but what does it have to do with high technology marketing? The figure below begins to tell the story graphically and we will cover it in more detail soon.  The essence is that there are multiple layers between companies and their target markets and that all of those layers need to be addressed by high technology companies in an orderly fashion to achieve success.  Every dollar in the budget needs to be invested as wisely as possible and this is a good way to approach doing just that. Differences Between High Technology and Classic Consumer Marketing It all bo

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Brand Preference versus Brand Relevance

Preference vs Relevance Most companies in high technology industries struggle to compete against larger and often-more established rivals.  Many of these might also be large companies seeking to move from being an OEM supplier to an established consumer or business brand.[/wptabcontent] Marketing teams in these companies are challenged by their peers and the CEO to “do something”.  Often, those team’s response is, “We need more advertising and promotion funds” … “Or we are being outspent by a factor of …”.  The products or services may well be much better than that of the

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Beware of Headlines About Social Media Use

You should be very wary of what you read about social media and how it is actually used. Recently, Pew Research released two "reports" that headlined a high percentage of users were getting their news from Facebook and Twitter. That's why you need to advertise there ... right? WRONG! UPDATE: There was more information released today from Pew about news and social media use which I will not discuss here since it involves the same issues. Click Bait Headlines It seems every headline about social media is what is called "Click Bait". It's bad enough when the headline comes from the firm doing

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Why Should my Company be More Like Apple?

On the 30th Anniversary of the introduction of Macintosh, I thought it might be helpful to examine some of the reasons for Mac's success and how close it came to failure. I was not at Apple, but I worked with them for over a decade and many of the details are not often discussed. I could just as well titled this, "How can my Company be More Like Apple”, but many have a visceral negative reaction toward anything that would indicated they want to be anything like Apple. The other reason for looking at Macintosh is because it is really the poster child for a number of key high technology mark

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Lessons for Marketers from Apple's iPhone 6 Bendgate

Granted, Apple is one of the most followed companies around and is held to much higher standards than any other company but what can we learn from the media storm about Apple's Bendgate? First - Do not Respond Quickly Time and data are needed to understand what is actually going on. What are the actual uses cases where the "bending", or your particular problem, supposedly occurred? Is this even real?  Reach out to those who have claimed issues and listen carefully.  Most people are fair and honest, but be careful to gather as much information as you  can.  Some are not. Second - Everyone W

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